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Who Is This Visa For Introduction

Temporary Activity Subclass 408 Visa is a specialist, short stay visa allowing people to undertake short-term activities in Australia. There are various streams available, which cover a broad range of activities such as concerts, music festivals, theatre, film production etc

Who Can Get This Visa

Entertainment Professionals

• Performers and support staff, director, producer

• Music, festivals, support crew (sound, lighting)

• TV, Film, Documentaries & support crew

• Theatre, dancing, comedy, opera

Special Program

• Youth exchange, non profit organisations

• Usually comply with special agreement

Student/School Exchange

International Student exchange

• Exchange program or language assistance

Super Yacht 

 Employment as SuperYacht crew members

Business Exchange

Exchange of staff between overseas & Australian companies

Research in Australia

Observe or participate in related, research projects

Religious Worker

Agreement with Australian religious organisation

Chaplain, Imam, Monk, Priest, Nun, Pastor, Rabbi

 Salvation Army Officer

Usually under labour agreement

Government Endorsed Events

Events like commonwealth games

Competitors, coaches etc

Sports Professionals

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A GUIDE | Temporary Activity Visa

A guide for those of you who require a work visa for short term or temporary activities while in Australia. Please use this information to understand the process involved and contact us; we are authorised to lodge a visa on your behalf. Remember a standard 'visitor visa' does not allow the holder to undertake work while in Australia.

Once granted, the visa holder can stay in Australia and work in an area that aligns with the activity type under which the visa was approved. Visas are generally granted for the period of activity, in some cases up to two years. SuperYacht crew members and special program activity visa streams are generally granted for periods of up to 12 months. 


Visa Application | What Is Required

Evidence required for this visa can sometimes appear a little onerous. Because of the unlimited work rights granted with this visa, the department are a little cautious but at the same time eager to ensure all applicants are considered appropriately. With the correct evidence supplied, the department can make quick decisions on applications; sometimes visas can be granted within weeks! 

Each applicant, will be required  to provide the following documentation. Basic applications may include the following items:

Passport details

Adequate Health Insurance for the period of stay

Documentation from approved ‘Sponsor’

Contracts of employment (eg. booking contracts)

Proposed Itinerary in Australia

Police clearance certificate 

We understand each case is unique and sometimes complex. Depending upon individual circumstances, a variety of documents may be required prior to lodgement. To limit client stress, we provide an easy to follow online form and checklist for all applicants.

All documents and evidence is assessed by our migration agents and uploaded onto our online portal with the Dept. Usually within 24 hours an acknowledgement is received from the department to confirm the application is under consideration. 

We promise to keep you posted throughout the process; we know you like to be kept informed!


Basic Eligibility Criteria | 408 Temporary Activity Visa

This application relates to the individual, who would need to demonstrate that they satisfy the prescribed visa criteria, including age, skill, competency, health and character.  Visa requirements include:

  • 18 years or older (exempt in limited circumstances),

  • Genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily,

  • Adequate health insurance for the duration of their stay in Australia (not required if the stay is less than three months)

  • Support themselves (and family members) financially, 

  • Satisfy health and character requirements. 


Depending which stream suits the applicants circumstances (entertainment, research) there may be addition criteria to be satisified.

It is important to note that meeting the Basic Eligibility Criteria alone may not sufficient for the grant of the visa.  



Q Can I Include Family Members?

Yes, eligible family members may be included. Ensure to put their names on application even if they may follow till later

Q Can I Work In Australia?

Yes, you may work as prescribed in visa grant notice; your family members may have limited work rights too. 

Q Can the visa be Extended?

When in Australia you may apply for a second visa. This time however, we will need to include authorisation of an approved  'Temporary Activity Sponsor' with the application.

Q How Long Can I Stay?

Visa is usually valid for three months and permits multiple exit/entry to Australia during this period. 

Q How Can I Get This Visa?

Contact Visa Crew, we will assess your eligibility for the temporary activity visa and advise accordingly. We are authorised and qualified to lodge a visa application on your behalf.

Q How Much Does The Visa Cost?

Department charges | $275 | Primary Applicant

Our fees are reasonable and affordable. At Visa Crew we understand the complexities of migration law. We take charge of the process, ensuring a stress free and successful visa application.

Q I Am Involved In Sport, Can I Get This Visa?

Yes! Sports elite, professionals, sports coach, adjudicator, referee and support staff may be eligible for a visa in the Sport Stream.

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Sponsorship | 408 Temporary Activity Visa

Sponsorship may be  required depending upon your individual circumstances. We of course can communicate with your sponsor in Australia to ensure the visa application goes smoothly. 

Do I Require A Sponsor?

  • If you are outside Australia and require the visa for less than 3 months stay, then a sponsor is not required. 

  • If you are outside Australia and require the visa for more than 3 months stay, then a sponsor is  required. 

  • If you are in Australia when applying for a visa, a sponsor is required.

In circumstances when a sponsor is not required, the applicant should provide evidence in relation to the activity they wish to undertake. A letter from the relevant Australian organisation may suffice. Don't worry, we can help with this...

Who Can Become A Sponsor

An organisation or professional may apply to the department to become a 'Temporary Activity Sponsor'. Once approved the sponsorship is valid for five years, the sponsor can continue to sponsor applicants during validity of approval.

Checklist | Visa Application

The team at Visa Crew are experienced when it comes to short term activity visa applications. When you engage our services we provide you with an itemised checklist of all documents and procedures required to make a successful Visa Application. This process avoids incomplete applications, unnecessary delays and ultimately our clients can continue smiling in the knowledge they are in the hands of a qualified professional.

Please read our testimonials page, the success stories from previous happy clients speaks volumes. 

Registered Migration Agents | Confidentiality Assured

Client confidentiality is important, we guarantee all communications with you are kept private; without exception. At all times we do not disclose or allow to be disclosed information about our clients or our clients business, to any third parties. Our clients can be happy in the knowledge their confidentiality is of upmost importance to Visa Crew.

Migration Legislation | Stay Current

As legislation and regulations around visas changes often, call us for an up to date appraisal; we will happily advise the best option for your visit to Australia. Don't hesitate to call our Registered Migration Agents, w'ed love to hear from you...

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