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Irish citizens intending to work, study, visit or set up a business in Australia need to have the right visa to suit their individual circumstances. Of all the employment visas available, the most popular for Irish applicants are classified in the General Sponsored Migration Scheme (GSM) visa program. As the title suggests the visa applicant will firstly need to find a sponsor to make a successful application. Employers who wish to take part in this scheme should first apply to become an Approved Sponsor. After approval, they may sponsor eligible, Irish skilled workers.

Most popular visas in the GSM scheme are employer sponsored; however if you wish to 'go it alone' and can demonstrate the necessary skills then an independent visa may be the option for you. Another option, if you are an expat on an Intra-company transfer to Australia, this arrangement may be accommodated through the GSM scheme. In addition business owners or retirees who wish to invest in Australia can avail of these or visas from other suitable. categories. 

Most Popular Visa in GSM Scheme

The top six GSM visas, suitable for employer sponsored or independent applicants are listed in the table below.

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Australian Visa | Students

Students from Ireland have several choices when choosing to study/work in Australia. The popular student visa will allow the applicant to work in Australia while they study. On the other hand, the working/holiday visa is aimed at young people (18-31yo), this can be valid for up to 2 years while you work and travel around Australia. There are also options for work based training, if you have a sponsor. 

Australian Visa | Performers

If you are an Irish celebrity and want to visit Australia for a performance or as support production staff you may travel for 3 months or more. This visa is also available for high level sports competitions, research or staff exchange programs. 

Temporary Visa | Performer

Australian Visa | Business/Investor

There are a number of visa options for people seeking to conduct short business visits, establish a business in Australia, manage a new or existing business, or invest in Australia. Irish people interested in setting up a business in Australia will find this pathway very rewarding.

Australian Visa | Tourism

Do you intend to visit family members or require a visa for a short business trip? Visitor visas can be valid for up to 12 months, are open to Irish residents and are relatively easy to obtain. 

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At Visa Crew we offer expert assistance and efficient processing of Australian visas and migration applications for Irish residents. Consistently, we assist many individuals or businesses to make successful visa applications. Whether its for study, work, business or pleasure let us help with your Australian visa too! 

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