Irish Citizenship by Descent is a fantastic way to become an EU citizen, you may live and work in Ireland or any country in Europe. There is a huge number of people in Australia who are entitled to obtain Irish Citizenship by Descent. Eligible Australian Citizens should have Irish ancestry and a wide Irish family history.  There are many great advantages for obtaining an Irish passport such as access to work and living in the EU. Down the road many political situations can change such as the Brexit referendum; even if Brexit proceeds Irish citizens will have unrestricted access to European and UK labour markets. Irish special relationship with the UK will not be diminished or "watered down" post Brexit.


Who Is Eligible for Irish Citizenship By Descent?

  • If you have a Parent born in Ireland

  • If you have a Grandparent born in Ireland

  • A child born on the Island of Ireland before 2005 to foreign national parents

  • A child born on the Island of Ireland to foreign national parents after 2005 if one of their parents are a British citizen or have settlement in Ireland or the UK

It’s also important to remember that if you are the Australian child of parent who is an Irish citizen and that parent was born in Ireland, then you are automatically an Irish Citizen. This means you do not need to apply to register your citizenship and can go straight to making an Irish Passport Application.

What Happens Next?

To become a citizen of Ireland the next step is to contact Visa Crew and confirm your eligibility by Descent. The actual process involved depends on factors including:

  • Country and part of that country you are resident in at the time of application

  • Your age

  • How you qualify for Irish Citizenship

  • Do you wish to include family members

f you would like professional guidance to help you with all the complex and tricky processes involved in getting your Irish Citizenship through Ancestry then please contact Visa Crew. We are experienced to provide the solution to match your needs. Our team are courteous, swift and efficient at responding to your queries. We will ensure a carefree Irish Citizenship application process for you! 

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Advantages Of An Irish Passport:

It's kitschy but true: being Irish is seen as being more, well, likable or something.

With an Irish passport you will be entitled to work and travel freely in Europe. You will not need a work permit or visa to work in any European country. Even if the UK Brexit goes through, Irish Citizens will have access to free travel and work in the UK (Including Northern Ireland). 

Irish passport holders may move freely throughout Europe, no requirement for Schengen Visa at immigration (no travel/work restrictions).

Your children will become Irish/EU Citizens in future and will have all of the benefits of EU entitlements whether it be the freedom to travel, Education or the right to live and work throughout the EU.

Avoid high cost of education; Irish citizens my educate their children in any EU country. In some European countries (i.e Finland) education is Free!

Irish Citizenship by descent is not automatic and must be acquired through application.

Citizenship By Descent

What Is Your Irish Ancestory?

Were You Born Outside Of Ireland To Irish Parents Or Irish Grandparents?

  • If you were born in Australia to an Irish parent, you automatically qualify for Irish Citizenship.

  • If you are born in Australia to a parent who was also born in Australia who you derive Irish citizenship from you are entitled to qualify for Irish Citizenship.

  • If you were born in Australia but have a grandparent who is an Irish citizen and was born in Ireland you are also simialrly entitled to Irish Citizenship.

  • If both your grandparent(s) and parent(s) where born outside of Ireland you may qualify for Irish Citizenship. However your parent that you derive Irish nationality from must have registered themselves before you were born.

  • If you had a parent who was an Irish national but was deceased at the time of your birth you can still apply.

  • You also derive citizenship through an Irish parent whether or not your parents were married to each other at the time of your birth.

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We have been receiving an increase in business from Australian people seeking to attain Irish Citizenship through descent and foreign birth registration in order to gain and maintain EU privileges after Brexit. There are many benefits to obtaining an Irish passport with full European travel & work rights. Remember, Australian citizens may hold dual nationality, it is of great benefit to have two passports for you and your family.

We have good connections in Ireland enabling us to process your application offering full advice and assistance for applicants to acquire Irish citizenship by descent.

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 • Listen and understand your individual situation.

 • Always keep you informed, at every stage.

 • Treat you as a valued client, with dignity and respect.

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