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Can I lodge a Partner Visa Application Without Using An Agent?

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

If you feel competent to submit your partner visa in Australia then yes you could consider this pathway. There is plenty of good information out there; in fact a good place to start looking is the Department Of Home Affairs website. On this website there are checklists and step by step guides of how to approach this task: here is the LINK.

Get The Right Information For Your Partner Visa Application

Be aware there is conflicting information on the world wide web and particular in social media. If your case is not straight forward or you feel a little uneasy in regard to your eligibility, think twice about going it alone. Losing the visa application charges because of a visa refusal will be a disaster. Remember a Registered Migration Agent works for you, they have your interests at heart.

Try to seek advice at the outset of your partner visa application, book an appointment upfront. Remember you are not obligated to continue using the services of an immigration agent following the appointment. Prepare your questions in advance and make sure you get answers to important questions that may be troubling you.

A Registered Migration Agent may face censure or even the loss of their operating licence (MARN) if visas are submitted that may not 'hit' the mark. A licensed Migration Agent will always provide you with up to date and honest advice.

Visa Application Charges

Risking your future in Australia and not to mention the visa application charges (nearly $8600.00), it is worthwhile to seek advice upfront. An initial consultation should cost you no more than $250.00. This small fee will put your mind at ease and hopefully put you on the right track to a successful visa outcome.

Ultimate Partner Visa Checklist

We have put together a comprehensive partner visa checklist that you may find useful in your research. The checklist is a 'one size' fits all document but nevertheless you may find the topics & our partner visa Top Tips useful. The checklist applies to the following subclass:

  • Partner Visa 820/801 (onshore)

  • Partner Visa 309/100 (Offshore)

  • Prospective Marriage Visa (Offshore)

No matter how straight forward your case is a migration agent is the best person to assist you, case, dont go it alone!

Review our testimonials on Facebook and Google from 'real' people who have benefited from our expertise. We have 100% success rate for family visas, read the testimonials and find out for yourself the lengths we go too...

Do you have a question? Don't hesitate to get in touch, we are always here to help.

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