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SkillSelect is an Australian immigration program that matches skilled overseas workers with Australian employers. The system works much like an online job board that matches workers to employers based on skills and needs. Potential migrant workers  are requested to provide basic information about their background including; skills, english language ability & education. With this information the applicant may be considered for a visa in the GSM program. The process helps to make sure the skilled migration program is successful in fulfilling the economic needs for Australia’s progress.


To be selected the applicant must achieve a minimum of 60 points to make an Expression Of Interest (EOI). Points are awarded according to information provided by the applicant. Australian State/Territories and employers have access to the system; they may choose to nominate the applicant to apply for a visa if their profile matches current skill shortages. Applicants may be invited to apply for for a visa in regional or urban Australia.

Points Are Awarded Under The Following Categories:


English language Qualification

 Overseas Work Experience

 Work Experience In Australia

Completed Professional Year in Australia

Educational Qualification

 Australian Study Qualifications

 Designated Language Skills (NATTI)

Relevant Study In Regional Australia

 Partner Skills Qualifications

 State or Territory Nomination

 Designated Area Sponsorship (Relative)

Do You Qualify? 

Have You Enough Points? 

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A Guide | SkillSelect

A guide for those of you who have the necessary skills for short term or permanent work visas for Australia. Please use this information to understand the process involved and contact us; we are authorised to lodge a visa on your behalf.

SkillSelect | What visas May I Apply For?

The following visa must be applied for using SkillSelect:

Business Talent | Subclass 132

Business Innovation & Investment | Subclass 188

Skilled Independent | Subclass 189

Skilled Nominated | Subclass 190

Skilled Nominated/Sponsored | Subclass 489

The following visa are optional using SkillSelect:

Temporary Work | Subclass 457

 Employer Nomination Scheme | Subclass 186

 Sponsored Regional Migration Scheme | Subclass 187

The following skilled visa do not require EOI using SkillSelect:

 Graduate Skilled | Subclass 485

 Extensions To Skilled Visas | Subclass 485 & Subclass 188

 Permanent Stage Visas | Subclass 887 & Subclass 888


1 February 2017 results

The following graph shows the points for clients who were invited to apply in the 1 February 2017 round.


Q What Is SkillSelect?

Department of immigration uses SkillSelect to evaluate EOI lodgements. Successful applicants are issued with an invitation to apply for a visa.

Q Do I Get A Bridging Visa?

As this is not a visa application, therefore a bridging visa will not be issued.

Q Do All Skilled Visas Require EOI Through SkillSelect?

See our list of visas above which can only be granted through SkillSelect system.

Q How Many Points Do I Need To Receive An Invitation?

Minimun require is 60 points, however after lodgement and before selection you may update your details to achieve a higher score. For instance if you have improved your IELTS, your points increase.

Q How Can I Calculate My SkillSelect Points?

Download our FREE SkillSelect Points calculator. The PDF document includes a guide on your eligibility. Click Here To Download

Q When Can I Get An Invitation?

Depending on skills shortages and your points your EOI is valid for up to 2 years. During this time you may receive an invitation. Don't worry, Visa Crew team will keep you posted.

Q Can I Include My Family?

Eligible family members can be included at visa application stage; for now sit tight and wait for the invitation.

Q I Have More Questions About SkillSelect?

Call Visa Crew anytime, we are qualified to assist with you SkillSelect query.

Checklist | Visa Application

The team at Visa Crew are experienced when it comes to SkillSelect, Points, nominations and skilled visa applications. When you engage our services we provide you with an itemised checklist of all documents and procedures required to make a successful Visa Application. This process avoids incomplete applications, unnecessary delays and ultimately our clients can continue smiling in the knowledge they are in the hands of a qualified professional.

Please read our testimonials page, the success stories from previous happy clients speaks volumes. 

Registered Migration Agents | Confidentiality Assured

Client confidentiality is important, we guarantee all communications with you are kept private; without exception. At all times we do not disclose or allow to be disclosed information about our clients or our clients business, to any third parties. Our clients can be happy in the knowledge their confidentiality is of upmost importance to Visa Crew.

Migration Legislation | Stay Current

As legislation and regulations around visas changes often, call us for an up to date appraisal; we will happily advise the best option for your SkillSelect Expression Of Interest. Don't hesitate to call our Registered Migration Agents, w'ed love to hear from you...

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