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News Flash!

The Governments Citizenship Amendment Bill Has Lapsed; The Proposed Amendments Will Not Go Ahead.

Visa Crew Are Lodging Citizenship Applications As Usual

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Australia | citizenship

The governments ambitious plans to amend the citizenship requirements from April 2017 have not materialised. The necessary legislation in the Parliament was not passed and did not meet the October 2017 deadline. Therefor all citizenship applications will be assessed on the current legislation. Visa Crew are accepting and processing citizenship applications as usual. 

Australian citizenship may be conferred upon permanent residents of Australia who have resided in Australia for the required period of time, and meet all relevant criteria. Those who have been conferred citizenship have the same rights and privileges as any other Australian citizen, including the right to vote and the right to an Australian passport.

All persons who are not Australian citizens require a visa to enter Australia. By conferral there are three important steps to obtain Australian citizenship:

Australian citizenship

step one | obtain a visa

The first step to gaining Australian Citizenship  is a visa which ultimately grants Permanent Residency (PR). There are several visas to choose from in the Australian Visa Program 2017. Depending on your circumstances, a student visa could lead to a sponsored work visa which in turn could b a pathway to PR. Skilled workers may also come to Australia with skilled independent visa, usually these include PR. Investors and business professionals also have opportunities to obtain PR through the various visa categories. 
There are several types of Australian visas including visas for tourism, study, work, and business or investor. 

As legislation around migration law changes often, contact Us for an up to date appraisal.

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step two | permanent residency

When granted an Australian Visas, this permits the holder to remain in the country temporarily.  To live and work in Australia permanently you must apply for permanent resident status. Some visas when granted offshore, may allow the holder to enter Australia as a permanent resident.

In some cases, when changing your status to permanent resident, you may require bridging visa to ensure you do not become unlawful. Bridging visas are granted when your current visa has expired and you are waiting for a new status.

When eligible, apply for citizenship without delay to avoid any surprises, legislation changes often.

australian citizenship

step three | Australian citizenship

After a period of time as a permanent resident, you may be eligible to become an Australian citizen! This is the final step in the migration journey and provides the most benefits for you and your family members.

Benefits of Australian Citizenship are:

The right to vote in all elections, referendum, plebiscites etc

 An Australian passport for unrestricted travel to 169 countries

 Citizenship sponsorship for your non-Australian children

 Financial assistance for education

 Apply for Federal Government and Defence vacancies

 Join the elite club in Canberra

At Visa Crew we understand the complexity of Migration Law and regulations; policy changes often. For an updated appraisal for Citizenship eligibility call us today!

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Australian Citizensip applications

citizenship | application requirements

You may be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship if you have Permanent Residency.  Be mindful the government announced changes to citizenship eligibility in April 2017.  If you wish to find out more please contact us.

Current Requirements for Australian Citizenship:

Are an Australian permanent resident

• Held Permanent residency for minimum 4 years

• Are over 16 years of age

• Resided  in Australia as a lawful resident for a total of four 

• Are of good character

• Subscribe to and agree to Australian values statement

• Have a knowledge of  English (IELTS min 6 overall)

• Are likely to reside in, or to maintain a close and continuing association with, Australia if granted citizenship

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Our Registered Migration Agents are on hand and ready assist with your citizenship application. Migration legislation changes often, call us for an up to date appraisal, we will advise the best route for a successful application!.

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