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Subclass 820 & 801

Australian Migration Law states you may be eligible for a partner visa if you are in a De Facto relationship or married to an Australian Citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.

To satisfy criteria for partner visas your relationship should to be genuine; the couple must show evidence they are in this for the long haul! Partner visas are available to both opposite sex and same sex couples.

Understanding the complexity of migration law is paramount. The team at Visa Crew apply current immigration law and regulations in relation to your individual circumstances; this helps ensure a valid partner visa application.

Are You Eligible for a Partner Visa in Australia?

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THIS CATEGORY | Partner Visa For Two

Partner Visa 820

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Temporary Visa | Subclass 820

Permanent Visa | Subclass 801

Am I Eligible To Apply? 

A New Life & A New Chapter Together!

Onshore partner visa (subclass 820/801) permits the holder to reside in Australia on a temporary bridging visa, until decision is made on the visa application.  At the final decision stage you may entitled to permanent residency and enjoy the rights associated with this.

Prior to lodgement of your partner visa in Australia, it is necessary to show evidence of your shared life together. Evidence such as, financial aspects, commitment to one another, shared living arrangements and social recognition of your relationship are essential criteria which should be met. As professionals in the field, the team at Visa Crew are qualified to advise and assist you throughout the whole visa process; from start to finish! We advise how you should to put together the evidence to demonstrate your commitment to each other.

For onshore applicants who hold a visitor visa, a student visa, a work 482 visa, or a working holiday (417/462) visa, you may require specialist advice. Sometimes the transition to partner visa may be a little tricky! Remember your main visa will remain active even though your bridging vis ahas been issued. In other instances, remember your existing substantive visa will take precedence over the bridging visa associated with the partner visa application. A bridging visa may not always grant you work rights, but you may be able to avail of waiver in this situation. 

Visitor visa holders are not always eligible to submit an onshore partner visa; this process and pathway may be tricky. If you have an 8503 (no further stay) condition on your visa, this indicates you will require a waiver to make an application for the partner visa. 8503 waivers of late, are notoriously difficult to obtain from the Department of Home Affairs. 

Partner Visa Australia DEFACTO

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12 Month Defacto

The 12-month cohabitation requirement for partner visas may be waived if the couple has the opportunity to registers their relationship in the State or Territory they reside in. Relationship registration is not available is All Australian states/territories. Do bear in mind however, if you register your relationship this may limit your options further down the line. Marriage will also grant you the opportunity to circumvent the 12 month defacto requirement.

In some instances you may apply for 801 permanent visa without the obligatory waiting period. This exemption applies to applicants with children or if the couple have been together for quite some time; in a long term relationship.

For partner visas it is wise to plan in advance to ensure both the sponsor and applicant are eligible to make a successful visa application. As Registered Migration Agents we are aware of the process, criteria and good time management required to submit applications with the correct evidence & detail. For this class of visa we have 100% success rate; let us help you too!

At Visa Crew the team are qualified to advise you and manage your partner visa application. Call the team today!


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Partner Visa

820 Visa Australia

Onshore Partner Visa | Subclass 820 / 801

Most popular visa when you the applicant and sponsor reside in Australia. The application usually involves a two stage process. Initially the applicant applies for temporary subclass 820 visa. Later this is supplemented with additional evidence about your relationship. You will be eligible to apply for the permanent, final stage subclass 801 visa within 24 months. 

Partner Visa | Sponsor

An Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or eligible New Zealand resident is required to sponsor the visa applicant. The applicant must be in Australia when making an application for this visa. 

Sponsor is required to meet character criteria & provide AFP police clearance certificate at a minimum.


 • Live, work or study in Australia

 • Dependent children may be included

 • Open to same sex & opposite sex couples

 • Applicant must be in Australia

Criteria Includes

 • 12 Month DeFacto relationship

 • Relationship registered with State or Territory

 • Police Clearance certificate

 • Friends or relatives statutory declaration

 • Medical assessment

Partner Visa Australia



Australian Partner Visa Options

Is this onshore partner visa not for you? Do not worry, we have the perfect Visa For Two! All partner visas are open to LGBT couples.

Click on the images below to access more information about our partner visa options in Australia. If you are not in Australia, an offshore Partner Visas may be suitable for you!

partner visa australia
Prospective Marriage Visa
LGBT Partner visa australia

820 / 801 Partner Visa Checklist

Below is our extensive visa checklist of forms and evidence you may be required to include with your subclass 820/801 visa application. The list is not exhaustive, but remember we will ensure you receive an up to date customised checklist, taking into account the latest legislative changes and regulatory amendments.

Application Forms

  • Form 47SP Application for migration to Australia by a partner

  • Form 40SP Sponsorship for a partner to migrate to Australia

  • Form 80 - Character Assessment

  • (Ensure you use the latest, up to date forms)

Visa Application Charges - VAC

  • Online DHA charges will incur additional fees when paying by card.

  • Invalid payments could lead to the application being rejected

Personal Documents

  • Certified copies of your passport

  • Two passport-sized photos

  • Certified copy of your birth certificate

  • National identity card (if applicable)

  • Certified copy of a name change (if applicable)

  • Provide as many identity documents as you can.

Relationship Documents

  • Certified copies of marriage or relationship registrations

  • Certified copies showing terminations of any previous relationships

Health and Character

  • Health identifier if required to undergo health examinations

  • Evidence of health insurance (if required)

  • Evidence of an Australian Federal Police Check

  • Police certificates from any country you have lived in for more than 12 months since turning 16.

Sponsor Requirements

  • Evidence that your sponsor is an Australian Citizen, permanent resident, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand

  • If your sponsor is not a citizen, evidence that they usually reside in Australia.

Relationship Evidence

  • Evidence of relationship to include: photographs, relationship statement, statutory declarations, joint lease agreements, joint bank accounts, joint utilities etc

  • Relationship Statements confirming how you met and your plans going forward.

  • Financial transparency of your relationship should not be underestimated. Provide evidence including bank statements.

  • Social Aspects Of Your Relationship - are your friends, family & wider community aware of your relationship.

  • Commitment - Planning a family, new car/house or a holiday to meet the in-laws.  Do you wish to get married; elaborate on your plans for the future

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 Prior to meeting Michael we had consultations with other migration agents but we left feeling confused and unsure of the process.  Michael understood our circumstances and promptly identified the correct partner visa for us. His explanation was very clear and now we know how precise and correct his advice was! 

We are very grateful as now we have a visa to be united together in Australia and this is fantastic!  We can highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for advice and assistance about your partner visa; he knows his stuff.


820 VISA

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