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There are a range of visa options to choose from when planning a visit to Australia in 2023.  Whether you are visiting for a vacation, to visit friends or family, as a frequent traveller or for business conference purposes there are a number of visa options to suit your needs. Visitors to Australia must obtain a visa in advance to be granted entry for a conference or tourism purposes etc.

At Visa crew we can assist with your Visitor visa application to come to Australia for a holiday visit family or even a long stay visitor visa.

Ireland Residents Visiting Australia

For Irish and UK citizens a Tourist Visa is ideal for your needs especially if you wish to visit family or for tourism purposes. You may stay for up to 3 months on this visa or in some cases for an extended period of up to 12 months. 

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TSS Visa


Your country of origin along with your reason to visit Australia details will help us to identify the most suitable visa for your circumstances.In general these Visitor Visas are ideal for those who wish to visit Australia for travel, business, family and conference purposes.

It is important you may not work for or provide services to a business or organisation in Australia or sell goods or services to the public. If you are intending to carry out short-term work in Australia you should enquire about visas specifically for this purpose.

Short Term Visa | Features & Requirements

 • Visit Australia For Business or Pleasure

 • Seminars • Trade Fairs• Conference • Expo

 • General Business or Employment Enquiries

 • Reviewing & Signing Business Contracts

 • Visa Valid For Up To 12 Months

 • Multiple Entry Visa

 • You May Study For Up To Three Months

 • No Age limit

Visa Criteria Includes:

 • No Major Convictions

 • No Work Permitted

 • Health Assessment May Be Required

How To Apply

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Visa Options To Consider

 Visitor Visa | Subclass 600

 ETA Visa | Subclass 601

 eVisitor Visa | Subclass 651

Character Requirements

All visa applicants will be assessed against Australia’s character requirements. These requirements are designed to protect the safety and security of the Australian community. As part of your visa application, you may be required to provide police clearance certificates or other evidence to satisfy character requirements.

Health Requirements

As part of the visa application process you may be required to undertake a medical examination, chest x-ray and/or other health checks. Visa Crew will advise you of the applicable health checks (if any), based on your individual circumstances.

Biometrics Collection

If you are lodging a visa application in a selected location, regardless of your nationality, you may need to provide your biometrics in relation to your visa application (unless exempt). We will advise you of the requirements in this regard.

Your Obligations As A Visa Holder

When in Australia you should comply with your visa validity and visa conditions. When you receive your Australian visa, you are issued with a visa grant notice that explains the conditions of your visa (including your approved period of stay in Australia and your entry requirements). Your visa may be cancelled if you breach any of the conditions of your visa. You are advised to carry your visa grant notice when travelling for your own reference.

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Each day, people turn to Visa Crew for expert advice and knowledge to help them through the (sometimes) complicated visa application process. All immigration advice you receive from Visa Crew is provided by Registered Migration Agents. When you appoint us to manage your visa application, like other people, you have chosen to be represented by a team of experts who can deliver our promise!

We have a long history of expertise in Australian Migration law and we are proud of our track-record of success. Call us today to learn more...

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