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What Guarantees Can A Customer Get From A Migration Agent?

As Registered Migration Agents (RMA) we are bemused by the many agencies offering money back or 100% satisfaction guarantees! We believe these 'reputable' migration agents should not take on such work if they are that unsure of their business practices.  In reality, if a business is that unsure of how to operate successfully, should they be accepting money on clients behalf to lodge applications?  

Our business requires us to offer the client honest up to date advice on their situation in relation to their Australian visa eligibility. Can we really offer anything above professionalism and due diligence?


Regulation Is Good & Necessary

In Australia the work of migration agents is strictly regulated. Only those, registered with MARA – Migration Agents Registration Authority, are permitted to provide immigration services. Migration Agents are required to obtain certification from the Australian Government which allows them to offer migration advice - this is a legal requirement.

Registered migration agents in Australia are compelled to stay up to date with migration law and regulations. They have many resources at hand including an extensive library of advice manuals published by the department of immigration. 

An extensive library; is this enough? Resources of staff, experience and knowledge are also prerequisites to run a successful business. 

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Can It Be That Complex?

Migration agents specialise in immigration law; they are trained to analyse, interpret and apply Australian legislation and case law in relation to all migration matters. Our continuous training enables us to deal with this legislative complexity and apply it to specific circumstances to ensure we can provide the best solution and options for our clients. It is our belief Migration Law need not be complex; as part of our customer commitment we strive to make the law available to all; we make it easy to navigate and easy to understand!

Client Confidentiality

Registered Migration Agents (RMA's) are professionally required to keep their clients’ affairs confidential, this includes all communication whether it involves personal or business information. Client confidentiality is very important to the team at Visa Crew. We guarantee all communications with you are kept private; without exception. At all times we do not disclose or allow to be disclosed information about our clients or our clients business, to any third parties.

Your Rights As A Consumer

The customers’ rights are protected by Australian Consumer Law. Even when there may not be a contract between an agent and a customer, the customer is always protected. Responsibilities of migration agents in Australia are governed by the code of conduct. We adhere to the code or we face disciplinary action as does all professionals in this industry. 

Is your choice an obvious one. Which Would You Prefer?

Guaranteed professional conduct, strictly regulated services from a registered migration agent OR empty promises of ‘guaranteed results’ or your money back.

Empty promises, cannot be delivered...

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So! What Is Our Guarantee?

At Visa Crew our guarantee is simple – we want clients to be extremely satisfied with our work and service. We will do what it takes to keep our clients on board; we value them like our family!

Michael, our Managing Director, will personally ensure every client receives the best service and attention from our qualified staff, anything less is not acceptable.  

We are committed to ensuring you spread the word that, Visa Crew has a capable and efficient team who can deliver client satisfaction.

Interested to learn more? Contact Michael directly:

Tel: 0455 295 988

Email: Click Here

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Very helpful and friendly team. Providing excellent services to achieve positive outcome. My Big thanks to Michael and the team for the advice and support


      "Excellent Service

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