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Australian Partner Visa For LGBT | Students

Student | LGBT Visa

Wth the recent marriage equality legislation introduced in Australian, all visa pathways are now available to same sex couples. There are no barriers for LGBT students to make an application for a Partner Visa. The recent changes mean that a same sex couple now have the same rights as any other loving couple when it comes to applying for an Australian Visa.

Are you in a same sex marriage or are you in a defacto relationship? You may now apply for a Australian Partner Visa as a spouse or as a De Facto regardless of your sexuality.

If you are in a same sex relationship and plan to get married in Australia, you may apply for the Prospective Marriage Visa. You need to be offshore for this option but this may suit your individual circumstances.

It is worth noting that criteria for these visa options are similar for gay or straight couples. LGBT couples may however find it difficult to provide some of the evidence because of cultural traditions or religious beliefs.

The team at Visa Crew have successfully assisted many same sex couples who may have come from a background of cultural, religious or family beliefs where same sex relationships are not accepted. In this lonely and unsupported environment our expert team of professionals are here to advise you. We understand the process in Australia for same sex couples who wish to lodge a partner visa application in the prescribed manner. It is important the supporting evidence you intend to provide should meet the current legislation and criteria. The process may feel especially complicated if you currently have a student visa.

LGBT | Visa Crew

As registered migration agents we will help you understand what to expect and how to prepare for a partner visa. Our knowledge and advice will ensure the process is as smooth and worry-free as possible for you and your loved one.

As a gay owner business and gay registered migration agent we are in tune with the problems you may face. Our team is very familiar with the challenges of being lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer or otherwise. With pride and passion, we are fully understanding of your needs. Our service is confidential and in a safe environment.

Contact Michael Dooley now, our resident gay immigration consultant.

Tel: 0455 295 988

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