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How To Register Your Relationship In Australia

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Visa For Two - New South Wales
Visa Relationship Registration

When applying for certain visas in Australia and if you cannot satisfy the 12 month DeFacto requirement you may wish to consider registering your relationship. Registering your relationship is an easy and inexpensive way to formalise your de facto status and formally express your commitment to each other.

Register Your Relationship - Australia Partner Visa

There are benefits for immigration purposes which means you may not have to satisfy other criteria in order to evidence that you are in a defacto relationship.

If you wish to include your partner in one of the following visas and do not meet defacto criteria, registering with a State or Territory in Australia may be an option to consider.

• Permanent visas

• Business Skills (Provisional)

• Student visas

• General Skilled Migration visas

Register your relationship at the 'right time' if you are planning to submit a partner visa application, ensure your relationship timeline meets the visa criteria.

Each state or territory in Australia will have it is own criteria and process to register your relationship, civil union etc. Ensure that the outcome will meet your needs, obtain professional advice on this point. Follow the link for more information:

Register Your Relationship In NSW | New South Wales

Provided at least one partner resides in NSW you may apply to register a relationship in NSW.

You may apply by po​st, in person or online to register a relationship​​.

The NSW Relationships register commenced operation 1 July 2010. It provides legal recognition for a couple regardless of their sex, by registration of the relationship.

Registration certificate available 28 days after the application date

Register Your Relationship In TAS | Tasmania

Provided both parties resides in TAS you may apply to register a significant relationship.

Follow instructions on BDM website HERE

When the process is complete order the relationship certificate..

Register Your Relationship In QLD | Queensland

Minimum one party should reside in QLD to register a Civil Partnership.

Follow instructions on QLD website HERE

Usually certificate will be available in 10 days or so.

Register Your Relationship In ACT | Australian Capital Territory

Minimum one party should reside in ACT to register a Civil Union.

Follow instructions on Access Canberra website HERE

Register Your Relationship In VIC | Victoria

Minimum one party should reside in VIC to register a Domestic Relationship.

Follow instructions on BDM website HERE

Order the relationship certificate

Register Your Relationship In SA | South Australia

Minimum one party should reside in SA to register a Relationship.

Follow instructions on GOV website HERE

Order the relationship certificate

Am I Eligibile - Defacto Partner Visa

Adults who are in a relationship as a couple regardless of sex may apply for registration of their relationship or civil union. Adults in heterosexual or same-sex relationships are eligible to register.

A relationship cannot be registered if either person is:

  • under 18 years old

  • married

  • in another registered relationship

  • in a relationship as a couple with another person, or

  • if they are related by family.

A couple does not have to live together to be eligible to register their relationship, do howevere review requirements for each state territory as these differ slightly..

Open To Same Sex Couples - Relationship Registration

LGBT couples are eligible to register their relationship in Australia. You may wish to do this if you are applying for an Australia Partner visa. This may assist to demonstrate commitment in the relationship.

Register Your Relationship - How to apply

The couple should complete a statutory declaration stating that they:

  • wish to register the relationship,

  • are in a relationship as a couple with the other person,

  • are not married or in a relationship as a couple with anyone else and that they are not related to each other by family,

  • are not in another registered relationship (in Australia)

When you make the application proof of identity is required for each person along with payment of a fee.

Once an application is made, there is a 28-day cooling off period in which either party can withdraw the application. After that time, the Registrar will register the relationship and issue the couple with a certificate recording the event if the appropriate application has been submitted and the fee paid.

Things To Keep In Mind

Couples in registered relationships may be recognised as 'de facto partners' for the purposes of legislation, and could be subject to certain obligations or restrictions under the relevant law.

You may wish to speak with a family Lawyer to ensure you understand your legal obligations when your relationship is registered.

Whats Next:

  • Go to the relevant state or Territory website to commence the application

  • Follow the online prompts and provide the necessary information.

  • Upload identity documents (required from each category)

  • Download the Statutory Declaration and have the document signed by an authorised witness (JP).

  • Save the application and come back later to complete the process.

  • Order your certificate and pay the fee.

  • Above steps may differ depend upon the registration requirements.

After the cooling off period has elapsed order the relationship certificate, this will be posted to your nominated address.

This is a big occasion, have a celebration and don't forget to snap some photos!

Congratulations 🍾🍾

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