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2017 Student Deadline Looming

Students in Australia are now facing the March 2017 deadline as their currents visas are about to expire. Some will return home with their new qualification others will travel further afield and the rest will want to extend their stay in Australia. So what are the options for this who wish to stay to further their studies or join the workforce?

1) Temporary work skilled 457 visa is a worthwhile option for those who can find an employer. The prospective employee must be sponsored by an employer who is an approved Standard Business Sponsor (SBS). The three stage process is relatively straightforward: a) Employer becomes an SBS. b) Nomination: Employer nominates the employee and skilled position to be filled. c) Nominated skilled employee completes application. 2) Temporary Graduate 485 Visa - Student may avail of this visa opportunity once; it is aimed at applicants who wish to live, work and study in Australia. Although this is a temporary visa there is a pathway to permanent residency. 3) General Skilled Migration - Permanent, points tested visas these may be tricky for a student to qualify coming straight out of college. Points are awarded for age, skills, English Language and other criteria. Although there are many visas these three are probably the main options to consider in the event students will want to extend their stay. Without delay make the correct choice. In the interim it is worthwhile organising the necessary qualifications/paperwork to submit your visa application; do it now while time is on your side.

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