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216 Occupations Deleted - List

Just in case you needed to know, here are the occupations deleted from SOL/CSOL today! Interesting reading...

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker, Actor, Actors, Dancers & Other Entertainers, Aeroplane Pilot, Air Traffic Controller, Air Transport Professionals, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics), Amusement Centre Manager, Antique Dealer, Apparel Cutter, Archaeologist, Archivist, Art Director (Film, Television or Stage), Artistic Director, Auctioneer, Author, Bed and Breakfast Operator, Betting agency Manager, Biochemist, Biotechnologist, Blacksmith, Boarding Kennel or Cattery Operator, Broadcast Transmitter Operator, Building and Engineering Technicians, Business Broker, Butcher or Smallgoods Maker, Call or Contact Centre Manager, Canvas Goods Fabricator, Caravan Park and Camping Ground Manager, Cinema or Theatre Manager, Clinical Coder, Clothing Pattern maker, Clothing Trades Workers, Commissioned Defence Force Officer, Commissioned Fire Officer, Commissioned Police Officer, Communications Operator, Community Arts Worker, Composer, Conservation Officer, Construction Estimator, Conveyancer, Corporate Treasurer, Court Bailiff or Sheriff (Aus) / Court Collections Officer (NZ), Deer Farmer, Defence Force Member - Other Ranks, Defence Force Senior Officer, Dental Hygienist, Dental Prosthetist, Dental Therapist, Detective, Director of Photography, Diver, Dog or Horse Racing Official, Drama Teacher (Private Tuition), Dressmaker or Tailor, Driller, Driving Instructor, Education Reviewer, Electorate Officer, Electronic Engineering Draftsperson, Electronic Engineering Technician, Electroplater, Emergency Service Worker, Engineering Pattern maker, Engraver, Entertainer or Variety Artist, Environmental Health Officer, Exercise Physiologist, Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors, Financial Institution Branch Manager, Fire Fighter, Fire Protection Equipment Technician, First Aid Trainer, Fisheries Officer, Flight Attendant, Floor Finisher, Flying Instructor, Food Technologist, Funeral Director, Funeral Workers, Futures Trader, Gallery or Museum Technician, Gas or Petroleum Operator, Geophysicist, Goat Farmer, Golfer, Graphic Pre-press Trades Worker, Gunsmith, Helicopter Pilot, Historian, Homoeopath, Horse Trainer, Human Resource Adviser, Hydrogeologist, Hydrographer, ICT Support and Test Engineers, ICT Support Technicians, Importer or Exporter, Insurance Investigator, Insurance Risk Surveyor, Intellectual Property Lawyer, Intelligence Officer, Interior Decorator, Jockey, Judge, Kennel Hand, Leather Goods Maker, Legal Executive, Liaison Officer, Licensed Club Manager, Life Scientist (General), Life Scientists, Light Technician, Magistrate, Maintenance Planner, Marine Surveyor, Marine Transport Professionals, Market Research Analyst, Master Fisher, Visa Crew, Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson, Media Producer (excluding Video), Metal Casting Trades Worker, Metal Polisher, Metallurgist, Microbiologist, Migration Agent (Aus), Mothercraft Nurse, Multimedia Designer, Music Director, Music Professionals, Musical Instrument Maker or Repairer, Natural and Physical Science Professionals, Nurse Researcher, Nurseryperson, Operating Theatre Technician, Optical Dispenser (Aus) / Dispensing Optician (NZ), Optical Mechanic, Other Sports Official, Painter (Visual Arts), Park Ranger, Parole or Probation Officer, Pathology Collector (Aus) / Phlebotomist (NZ), Petroleum Engineer, Plastics Technician, Plumbing Inspector, Police Officer, Policy Analyst, Policy and Planning Manager, Potter or ceramic artist, Prison Officer, Procurement Manager, Production Manager (Manufacturing), Public Relations Manager, Quarantine Officer, Radio Journalist, Radio Presenter, Railway Station Manager, Regional Education Manager, Research and Development Manager, Retail Buyer, Retirement Village Manager, Safety Inspector, Sail Maker, Sales Representative (Industrial Products), Sales Representative (Medical and Pharmaceutical Products), Saw Maker and Repairer, School Laboratory Technician, Screen Printer, Sculptor, Senior Non-commissioned Defence Force Member, Shearer, Shoemaker, Singer, Small Offset Printer, Sports Administrator, Sports Umpire, Stock and Station Agent, Surveying or Spatial Science Technician,Technicians and Trades Workers, Telecommunications Cable Jointer, Telecommunications Technician, Television Equipment Operator, Television Presenter, Training and Development Professional, Translator, Travel Agency Manager, Travel Attendants, Tribunal Member, Turf Grower, Vehicle Painter, Vocational Education Teacher (Non-Trades), Vocational Education Teacher (Trades), Web Developer, Wholesaler, Wood Turner, Wool Buyer, Wool Classer, Workplace Relations Advisor, Zookeeper.

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