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Bridging Visa B - BVB (Our Favourite)

Bridging Visa B  (BVB) 

BVB is a bridging visa which grants the holder a right to travel in and out of Australia. Bridging Visas B come with a ‘travel authority’ and ‘travel period’ which means you have permission to travel outside Australia and return, provided it is within the period of time stated on the bridging visa grant notice. 

Bridging Visa B can be granted in the circumstances where you currently hold a Bridging Visa A or B and it is in effect or will be at the time of your intended travel. Applications are made to the Department of Immigration in conjunction with your migration agent.

Once the travel period ends and you have returned to Australia, the Bridging Visa B acts like the Bridging Visa A – it gives you permission to reside, work and study in Australia. Only those who hold a Bridging Visa A or a Bridging Visa B are eligible to apply for a Bridging Visa B.

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