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Common Reasons Australian Partner Visas Are Refused

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Common Reasons Australian Partner Visas Are Refused

Partner Visa Denied

Has your partner visa been refused? Have you applied for 820 onshore visa or 309 offshore visa? Or has your prospective marriage visa been refused? Here are subclass visa options;

Subclass 820 - Onshore Visa

Subclass 801 - Onshore Visa

Subclass 309 - Offshore Partner Visa

Subclass 100 - Offshore Partner Visa

Subclass 300 - Prospective Marriage Visa

Here are the most common reasons of why your visa was denied for the Partner Visa in Australia. See our detailed advice on how to avoid a visa refusal:

1) Lack of Supporting Evidence Of The Relationship

It is imperative you show the relationship is genuine and continuing. When the couple fail to prove the relationship is a genuine one, then in the eyes of immigration you have not met the regulations. For example, diid you provide photographs of you together? Do you have an active joint bank account? How did you communicate with each other? - records of text messages or phone calls. Can you provide history of travel together? If you cannot show evidence to the case officer of your relationship, then he/she is not permitted to grant the visa. Remember the case offices does know you personally; you need to convince him/her about your relationship.

2) Inconsistency in information and/or evidence

If you provide Department of Home Affairs with fraudulent or bogus document/information, this may result to qualify you for the public interest criteria PIC4020. You may have inadvertently provided incorrect information or documents, but unfortunately this may lead to a visa refusal. Remember the dept can verify all documents and information provided in visa applications.

3) Is The Visa Sponsor Barred?

If it transpires your Australian partner has already sponsored another visa applicant for partner or marriage visa then your visa application is at stake. The sponsor may only sponsor 3 applicants during their lifetime. There are however special circumstances where this limit may be exceeded. The waiver however should be applied for before the partner visa application.

4) Did You Fail At The Partner Visa Interview

These days partner interviews are less rare. However if the immigration case officer is sceptical about your evidence there is a good chance you may be called for interview. Many years ago this was how your visa was granted; face to face interview was obligatory and part of the process.

If you had to attend interview would you remember your partners birthday? The date the relationship was established? Would you know the names of your partners parents?

These are key points you should know about your partner; these are key points your partner visa may be refused based on your lack of knowledge about each other.

Partner Visa Refusal

5) FORM 888 – The Applicant And The Sponsor

Statutory Declaration Form 888 - This document should be provided by both the applicant and the sponsor; supporting evidence of your relationship is required from friends and family members.

Your supporting witness needs to supply factual and truthful evidence of your relationship. If this information does match what you have already supplied on the application forms then issues may arise.

The case officer will cross-reference any information provided by persons completing the Form 888 to ensure your application information is consistent. Do not get caught out - this could be a costly mistake. Check and double check all information to avoid a visa refusal.

6) Request For Further Information - RFI

Did you fail to respond to the requests of the Embassy or Immigration case officer, regarding additional documentation or information? Did not complete your medical examination to continue the assessment of your partner visa application. Remember you only have limited to respond to any offical request from the department. This is usually 28 days but you may request an extension to this (if you have a good enough reason)

Your partner visa application may be refused if you do not respond within the time allowed.

Appeal Options:

You may be eligible to make an appeal for merits review if your visa has been refused. Remember you have limited to make a valid application to The Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

If your partner vis application has been refused you require assistance from a Registered Migration Agent. At Visa Crew we help each day with their Partner Visa queries in Australia. Let our experience help yours.

Call Visa Crew

0455 295 9988 •

Michael Dooley

Principal Migration Agent

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Tel: 0455 295 988

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