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Partner Visa Processing Times

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Partner Visa Processing Times Australia


For Partner Visa Applications we are now seeing reduced processing times from the Department of Home Affairs. Efficiencies in the department, reduced workloads and the introduction of online applications have all helped to bring about reduced processing times for partner visa applications.

Partner visa processing times may be impacted each month by changes in application volumes, seasonal peaks, complex cases, and incomplete applications. To help keep processing times at a minimum we advise clients to submit 'Decision Ready' visa applications. Decision Ready visa applications are loaded upfront with all the required forms, evidence & detail to enable the case officer to make a decision on the spot.


Decision Ready visa applications speed up processing times and invariably result in less stress for those involved. We push our clients to not only meet the 'basic requirements' of the visa criteria. As with most tasks in life 'you get out what you put in'. Time spent now preparing your partner visa application will pay dividends down the line.

Your partner visa application may be delayed when the evidence is not structured properly, for example, your photos were not accompanied with a description, or if the Department has to request further information from you as your evidence may be inaccurate. Industrywide processing times for partner visa applications in some cases escalated to 24 months plus.


The departments published processing times do not apply to all visa applications. At Visa Crew, we are seeing positive decisions within six months of visa lodgement; these processing times have to be welcomed. These low processing time frames do not happen by accident! At all times we submit decision ready applications for our clients. In our experience partner visa applications have a higher chance of success and are more likely to 'beat' the processing times published online.

Visa applications already in the 'system' prior November 2017 do not seem to be included in this new reduced processing timeframe. It would appear these applicants will be waiting for an outcome according to the online departments estimates. In this case it is best to review your evidence and update your application with additional information about your relationship ensuring you meet the visa regulations.

Ultimately, a front loaded Partner Visa Application will give you the best chance of an early decision from the department. Don't take the chance of a possibly wait of up to 24 months only to have your partner visa refused. A refusal may add enormous stress to your relationship and ability to plan a future together. If you have future plans together like travel, children or buying a home; these may have to be put on the back burner while you wait a decision on your visa application.


If you are considering applying for a partner visa application and are perhaps overwhelmed with all the changes, requirements, the additional costs of lodging your own partner visa application and increased chances of a refusal then please do not hesitate to contact Visa Crew. The team at Visa Crew will calmly walk you both through the visa application process and explain how to ‘avoid the migration minefield’ associated with such a lengthy and complicated partner visa application. The team at Visa Crew are with you throughout the complete process; we are here to help you!

View Department Visa Processing Times - CLICK HERE

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Michael Dooley | Registered Migration Agent | MARN 1789997

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