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Same Sex Partner Visa Australia

Updated: Aug 25, 2019


Applying for a Same Sex Partner Visa in Australia is a two-stage process. Although the initial application combines the 820 & 801 visa, you are in effect only providing evidence to have the 820 temporary visa approved. 24 months after the initial visa application date you are then eligible to provide evidence for the second stage (801 visa). Once the 24 months has elapsed the couple are eligible to provide evidence your relationship is genuine and ongoing. Subclass 801 is the final, permanent stage of the process.

Here are some eligibility criteria for you to consider; the criteria may apply to defacto and spousal relationships

  • The visa sponsor (your defacto partner or spouse) should be an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident.

  • Both the applicant and sponsor should be at least 18 years of age at the time of the visa lodgement.

  • Your relationship should be genuine and continuing, you should evidence this

  • Migration law stipulates you should be in a de-facto relationship for minimum of 12 months immediately prior to lodging your partner visa application.

  • If you are married or your relationship is registered the 12 month cohabitation requirement may be waived.

  • You must be able to prove that you and your partner are living together or if not, that any separation is temporary.

  • The visa applicant is required to meet health and character requirements.

  • The couple should reside together for duration of their defacto relationship (or reside apart on a temporary basis).

  • In some instances, you can be granted a permanent visa without having to wait 2 years i.e. Is there a dependent child in the relationship

Professional Fees & Charges

Government charges for a partner visa application is currently $7160.00; the last increase was on July 1st 2018. You may incur additional charges during the process including health assessments, translation of documents into english, police clearance certificates etc.

If you intend to use a Registered Migration Agent to advise and lodge your visa application, you should also budget for professional fees of $3000.00 - $5000.00. This is a rough guide; the complexity of your circumstances will determine the fees you should pay.

A Registered Migration Agent will make sure that your application is professionally prepared and meets all requirements of the visa. The Migration Agent will assist with the completion of all necessary forms, collating of documents, preparation of submissions and the lodgement of your partner visa application. They will monitor the progress of your application and provide ongoing advice and liaise with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf. Shop around and ensure you are satisfied with the advice you receive - you deserve the best advice during the process.


Choose Your Own Level Of Service

At Visa Crew we specialise in Same Sex visas, our clientele are mostly from the LGBT community in Australia and abroad.

To suit your budget we have various levels of service. If you are competent to submit your own visa application and just need us to 'look over' your forms and evidence we have the package to suit you.

If on the other hand you require an expert to advise and submit your visa application then we can work with you throughout the whole process until a decision is made by the dept on your visa application. Whether you're time poor and want us to take care of everything, or you just want some advice, we have the service that suits your needs and your budget.

The team at Visa Crew are proud to be associated with the LGBT community in Australia. We are a gay owned/operated business based in the heart of Sydney. We focus on Same Sex Visas for gay couples who wish to be united and reside permanently, anywhere in Australia. We have a reputation for approaching your migration queries with the right balance of skill and sensitivity. We firmly believe in reaching favourable outcomes that don't cost the earth.

Speak with us about your Same Sex Partner Visa or Prospective Marriage Visa; we are here to assist you.

Tel: +61 (02) 8011 4922

Mobile: +61 455 295 988

Michael Dooley | Registered Migration Agent | MARN 1789997

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