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Visa Application Charges for Australian Partner Visas Will Increase on 1 July 2019.

Visa application charges for Australian partner visas will be increased to $7550.00. The government announced this increase in the budget of April 2019, just before the election announcement.

If you are currently eligible to submit your partner visa application, then you should not delay.

This is a disappointing move by the government; couples and families will struggle to find the additional charges. Also when you take into account the new legislation which will impact on partner visa sponsors and the additional associated charges, most couples will feel the pinch!.

Partner Visa - Government Charges Increase

The new process for sponsors is expected to cause delays to partner visa applications; now you must wait until your sponsors application has been approved by the Department of Home Affairs. In the interim, the applicant may be forced to make an overseas partner visa application if their current visa is about to expire. Of course the applicant will no longer be eligible for a bridging visa; no bridging visa will be issued in this instance.

For now we recommend that our clients submit their partner visa application immediately to beat the new legislation and to beat the pending price increase by the Government.

Contact Our Registered Migration Consultant For More Details:

Tel: 0455 295 988

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