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Marriage Visa Or Fiancé Visa?

The Prospective Marriage visa is often referred to as the ‘fiancé visa’. These descriptions are one of the same visa and should not be confused. As the Fiancé or applicant has the intention to marry the sponsor we can refer to this visa as the fiancé visa; this is common name. When the couple have met each other and you are engaged to be married then most likely you are eligible! Romance is in the air!

What Are The Main Requirements?

The fiancé or applicant must be at least 18 years of age and have met their sponsor; the person that they intend to marry, at least once! The sponsor is required to meet the character criteria (no criminal record) and not be subject to visa sponsorship limitations.

The applicant and sponsor must also provide evidence that they are planning to get married. A Notice of Intention To Marry (NOIM) form is required. Usually the sponsor can arrange this in Australia in conjunction with an approved Marriage Celebrant.

The couple should have met in person and are known to each other. If you have only met on the internet this is not enough. Make sure you have evidence of your meeting i.e. flight tickets, accommodation receipts.

The marriage visa is open to LGBT and opposite sex couples; there is no discrimination in the visa process.

What Are The Costs Involved?

The Australian Government visa application charges for the Prospective Marriage visa is $7715.00; this is for the primary applicant. Dependents may be included for additional charges.

You may also incur additional charges for police clearance certificates, health assessment and translation of documents. Budget an extra $500.00

NOTE: Government charges are expected to increase in Oct-2020.

What Does The Marriage Visa Allow Me To Do?

When you receive the good news, the Prospective Marriage visa allows you to come to Australia and be with your partner. The visa is valid for 9 months from date of arrival. The marriage visa permits multiple travel in and out of Australia. You will also enjoy the benefits of work and study rights in Australia during the validity of the visa. You will also become eligible to join Medicare.

Remember you have 9 months to get married, you must do this before the visa expires. You can marry in or outside Australia, but you must come to Australia first to activate the visa. If the applicant and sponsor intend to live in Australia after marriage, the applicant should apply for the onshore Partner visa (subclass 820/801) before the Prospective Marriage visa expires.

Whats Next?

The team at visa crew can assist you with the complete process from start to finish. We are qualified and willing to help you understand the process and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Contact us for assistance, we love a good wedding too!

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