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What is 'BVA' - Bridging Visa A

Bridging visa A (BVA) – subclass 010

Most common bridging visa, most of the time sitting ‘silently’ at the back of your substantive visa application. Together with BVB also stands out as the most favourable type of bridging visa.

How to apply and when granted:

BVA is granted automatically when you make a valid application onshore for a substantive visa while still holding a valid previous substantive visa. In certain cases you can also apply separately for BVA. Typical Scenario:

You are validly applying for 186 (ENS) visa while still being on 457 visa. Or you are moving from eVisitor (651) visa into a student visa. You can be also eligible for BVA after your substantive visa application has been refused and you are applying for a judicial review within prescribed time. Working Rights:

BVA carries over working rights from your previous visa. So if your previous (student) visa had 20 hours limitation, so will your BVA. The exceptions are BVA’s in relation to the applications made in Australia for the visas below. Such associated BVA’s have no work limitations imposed:

Partner & Parent visas: Partner (Subclass 820); Partner (Subclass 801); Aged Parent (Subclass 804); Contributory Aged Parent Temporary (Subclass 884); and Contributory Aged Parent (Subclass 864)

Skilled & Business visas: Business Talent (Permanent) (subclass 132), Business Skills (Provisional) (subclass 188), Business Skills (Permanent) (subclasses 890/891/892/893), Employer Nomination (Permanent) [ENS] (subclass 186), Regional Employer Nomination [RSMS] (subclass 187), Skilled Independent (Permanent) (subclass 189), Skilled Nominated (Permanent) (subclass 190), Skilled Regional Sponsored (subclass 489), Skilled (Residence) (subclass 887)

How long is BCA valid?

BVA can be a strange item indeed, It ceases:

When your new substantive visa is granted When new bridging visa is granted (e.g. BVB) in relation to the same substantive visa application If your currently held substantive visa is cancelled so is your BVA at the same time once you leave Australia 28 days after your valid visa application has been withdrawn and there is no other substantive visa you currently hold. 28 days after your you have been notified that your substantive visa application is invalid 28 days after refusal of your substantive visa application 28 days after a decision of Administrative Appeals Tribunal (formerly Migration Review Tribunal) in case when you decide to appeal to case officer’s decision Travel Rights: no

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